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Africa - Editor's Picks - Local News - Politics - May 24, 2022

Editor’s Pick: “Politics isn’t for the lily-livered…The lecture hall is Prof Kithure Kindiki’s natural home.”

Politics isn’t for the lily-livered, goes the saying. The originator of this aphorism probably meant the game isn’t for the honest lot who ascribe to meritocracy, those who may feel upset when merit is trampled upon, but the wheeler-dealers who bully their way to their desired positions/destinations.

The events of the last one week have exposed the soft underbelly of the Tharaka Nithi senator, Kithure Kindiki, the law professor who gained prominence representing the DP in the Hague-based International Criminal Court, where the latter had been charged with crimes against humanity. Apparently, the Moi University-trained advocate of the high court, isn’t a cut off the political cloth, as he seems to have opted to have let go, of what he believes was rightfully his. 

His no show at the unveiling of Rigathi Gachagua as DP Ruto’s running mate at Karen, his forlorn posture while reading a statement to the press at the Tamarind Tree Hotel in Nairobi, and his insistence on a TV show, that he had led in the opinion polls conducted to evaluate who was more suitable to be Ruto’s running mate, tell us more about his predicament, than what he says from his own mouth. 

It is a known fact that politicians and other connected individuals who contribute to election campaigns of specific leaders find their way to the buttered side of the bread by gathering for appointments immediately after elections results are out, and it sounds bizarre to hear any major player as Prof Kindiki stated categorically, that he “will not be available” for any such considerations. Such a statement must be consumed with a pinch of salt. Such a decision must’ve been a product of stress. 

This is a statement of frustrations. This is an indirect indictment of the acts of those responsible for this predicament, having it in mind that he had his eyes set on the Tharaka Nithi gubernatorial seat, before he was prevailed upon to drop his bid, by the UDA leadership. His gentlemanly mien may have tethered him to some decorum and prevented him from going ballistic on his persecutors, as did Kalonzo Musyoka, the Wiper boss, after losing the AZIMIO running mate position. 

“I am extremely satisfied with the process that our party followed in identifying the running mate. There were also other considerations including voting through an elected electoral college, but those were not the only considerations, so there were other factors to be considered,” said Prof Kindiki. 

Why would he insist that he won in those two procedures set to determine who was most suitable for the position if indeed he knew and believed the results of the process were an irrelevant consideration for the appointment? This was meant to play to the gallery and showcase to the people, that indeed he won, but the reward was given to someone else.

The public was to be the jury. The verdict was that indeed the professor of law who did PhD at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, had won a competitive process but the powers that be denied him his earned victory by giving someone else the prize.

The lecture hall is his natural home. When a bull limps unexpectedly back to the kraal, then you need not be told that something has seriously gone wrong in the grazing fields. 

A couple of years ago, during the Standard Chartered Marathon, someone who had not participated in the race emerged from the spectators near the finish line and sprinted as if he was powered by steroids, past bewildered participants to the tape, to claim victory. Luckily, he was flagged down by some hawk-eyed officials and was immediately arrested. This seems to be the same trick Rigathi pulled on poor Kindiki, but unluckily, for him, the injustice was upheld.

Rigathi may not have excelled in the polls held, but after a critical examination of Kenya’s recent political history, he has a surplus of what voters tend to prefer at the ballot. He is pretty wealthy, a seasoned ethnic mobilizer and a ruthless go-getter, all essential ingredients that the DP needs in facing Mount Kenya. The DP definitely values Prof Kindiki, but for this particular assignment, a different arrow was needed from the quiver. 

Although a drowning man is known to clutch on anything including a live snake, Prof Kindiki’s sabbatical from politics can also be of utmost importance to his future ambitions, more so if he will take his time, after licking his wounds, to master the game and even appreciate the common notion that for one to excel in Kenyan politics, he must leave his brain at home and act as crudely as it can be possible, in sycophancy and amassing wealth.

-By the Channel 54 News Team.

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