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Editor's Picks - Local News - Politics - June 8, 2022

KENYA: An Open Letter To Hon Musalia Mudavadi

Dear Hon. Wycliff Musalia Mudavadi,


I write you this open letter in the belief that it finds you robust in health.

You may not know me, but I’ve been your ardent supporter since your days in ODM. I have keenly observed your character and conduct over the years, compared it with that of your colleagues in politics, and concluded that you are the real deal. You are the man who shoulders my dreams and aspirations, in this country’s politics.

Undoubtedly, you are a fine gentleman, probably too refined for Kenyan politics, the latter which calls for a degree of thuggery. By default, you are modest and sober and this puts you in your own class.

A diehard Ruto supporter will wish for his (Ruto’s) presidency, but in an event that presidency cannot be achieved, then that Ruto supporter can easily settle on you, Hon Musalia. According to that Ruto fan, the “enemy” of their camp is Raila.

Similarly, a Raila ‘mujahideen’ will always wish the son of Kang’o Kajaramogi becomes president, but in an event that such a presidency isn’t available, then these Raila supporters will easily settle on Mudavadi as a second option. In this camp, one man who must not become president is Ruto, but a Mudavadi presidency is very much okay.

Who is this man that everyone feels at home with? Mr. Mudavadi, the former Sabatia MP, you occupy a vintage position in Kenyan politics, very unique to yourself. However, archbishop emeritus, Desmond Tutu of the rainbow nation (now deceased) taught us that in situations of injustice, observing neutrality amounts to choosing the side of the oppressor.

Who is the oppressor in the prevailing political formations in Kenya? Ruto was at the heart of KANU operations at the time the party ruthlessly trampled on human rights and perpetrated violations on the country’s citizenry. He is now perched at the apex of the coalition called Kenya Kwanza, as its flag bearer in the presidential race.

Raila on the other hand was one of the faces behind the struggle for pluralism, a venture which birthed multipartyism and a new constitution, which opened up space for political competition. For that case, your political home is by default AZIMIO and not Kenya Kwanza. You too may have been part of KANU, but for associating with the right team, for over a decade, you successfully managed to salvage your reputation.

Even when you call Raila, “Mzee Wa Kitendawili”, it is very evident that you have to put up a struggle because apparently, your DNA is very deficient in an inborn audacity to insult. They have taught you “tabia mbaya”, and you have proved a fast learner on this, but you have an opportunity, to turn back the hands of time, by retracing back your steps, noticing where you went wrong, to take the correct path.

You are far better of ridding the same bandwagon as Mama Martha, in a cavalcade whose message is themed more on nationalism than anger directed at some quarters. You simply don’t fit there naturally. You are struggling to be at home.

In the formative days of Kenya Kwanza, it appeared the formation was an indomitable juggernaut, that would easily overrun any opponent and so it was understandable that your choice of the camp was inspired by the fear that comes with the scathing cold of the political Siberia. As of now, matters have changed, it is now evident that the DP was an Icarus the son of Daedalus, of the Greek mythology, who flew so high, too close to the sun, while forgetting that the borrowed wings would melt away from the heat, to leave him free-falling back to the very hard earth surface.

With the fall, you can now reflect and rescind your decision basing it on the reality that the law may not allow you to pull your ANC out of the Kenya Kwanza coalition, but no law is potent enough to veto a constitutionally sanctioned freedom of association, and he can technically disengage informally, as Bwana Mutua defected chap-chap from AZIMIO to Kenya Kwanza.

Again, the few instances you have been accused of participating in corruption, make you a very pale shadow of the honchos of the Kenya Kwanza coalition, mostly comprising the real abbots of the vice. This makes him out of place with the coalition’s bigwigs.

The other reason I insist that you are a cut off of the AZIMIO cloth is for a fact that his Western Kenya backyard is more leaning towards the former political side than Kenya Kwanza. In the 2002 elections, you misread the signs of time and signed his political obituary by abandoning his rainbow colleagues and making a return to KANU. It took him time to recover from the subsequent political loss another such miscalculation, and you may not find an opportunity again, to recover back your political mettle.

Lastly, what does the Kenya Kwanza offer him, in terms of his political ambitions? Ruto has promised not to betray anyone as Uhuru did to him. As such he is likely to be president for 10 years and then hands over to Gachagua for ten years.

By the time it comes to the 2042 elections, the 1960-born you, will be 82 years old, Bwana Mheshimiwa. AZIMIO would’ve offered you better prospects because Raila is older and there will be jostling for position within the coalition in the next elections. Again, is the 70% you are being asked to deliver, to be given your cake, is an unrealistic demand, whose implementation is difficult, making your promised chief secretary position an optical illusion called a mirage. You are likely to end up empty-handed despite your efforts to win souls for the coalition in the four Luhya counties of Kakamega, Vihiga, Busia, Bungoma and Trans-Nzoia. The sages of yore opined that it is only a fool who doesn’t change his mind, and I am certain you have never been one, Omwami.

Yours Truly.

A fan, a follower, a supporter. Come Back!

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