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Editor's Picks - Technology - October 29, 2020

LUDBEAT ONE: Tech Firm Produces ‘safest’ Next-gen Wireless Headphones

LudBeat, an international team of designers and engineers is working towards mass production of LudBeat TWS Headphones.

These are headphones with bone conduction technology, whose sound is transmitted by vibrating the temporal bone of the human skull, leaving the outer ear canal open.

Sound through vibrations is directly transmitted to the inner ear through the bone. It is therefore not necessary to take it off during communication.

According to LudBeat, this is a process that laboratory testing has proven to be safe, the headphones themselves playing the role of your eardrums – so that you can protect and preserve your ears for the rest of your life.

The headphones have a high-powered battery and are water proof.

Each headphone has a strong built-in Neodymium magnet. Another magnet is attached to the human body near the ear using a special patch. In the desired location of the headphones.

With a specially designed clasp, the earpiece can be attached to a helmet, baseball cap, glasses and sports bandage.

This solution is expected to help users to comfortably use the headphones while playing sports, without worrying about getting lost on the way.

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