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City Cop Scheduled For An Ear-Reattachment Surgery After Lady Bites It Off During Curfew Enforcement

According to an incident report filed at the Langata Police Station on Sunday, while in the line of duty, a cop in the rank of a Sergeant was assaulted by a lady he had confronted for breaching the 8pm curfew in Nairobi.

It is reported that the Sergeant was overpowered by the lady, who managed to escape, along Langata road, after a war of words on Saturday night.

“The lady cut his right ear completely,” the incident report says.

The affected officer was stationed at the Bypass patrol base.

“The injured officer collected the piece of his ear from the ground and rushed to hospital for treatment,” the report indicated.

Police officers have heightened night patrols within the five counties where cases of COVID-19 disease infections have increased with hundreds of citizens contravening movement and curfew restrictions on the five counties being arrested.

The National Police Service (NPS) mounted 33 roadblocks in all the major highways leading into and out of the zoned areas of Nairobi, Kiambu, Kajiado, Machakos, and Nakuru counties, so as to enforce the COVID-19 lockdown.

The roadblocks are manned by a multi-agency team of security officers under the National Police Service.

“As we start the Easter Festivities, we are aware that many people will be travelling to different destinations across the country. We urge those within the zoned area of Nairobi, Kiambu, Kajiado and Nakuru Counties to exercise caution, and to remain around, expect for essential service providers , as provided for by issue of Kenya Gazette Supplement Number 50,” said Hillary Mutyambai, Inspector General of Police on Thursday.

He however, assured that police will enforce the protocols including the reviewed measures as announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta in a humane manner.

To support the operation, Mutyambai said 3,000 officers from the Kenya Prisons Service have been seconded to the police service.

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