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Editor's Picks - Politics - August 23, 2022

Githongo Swears an Affidavit implicating IEBC Officers Against Presidential Elections Fraud

In an affidavit deposited at the Supreme Court, Githongo introduced a whistleblower who he claims was part of the team of 56 people hired to manipulate Forms 34A before they were uploaded to the IEBC system.

Githongo names President-elect William Ruto as the ninth respondent in the affidavit filed at Kenya’s Supreme Court on Monday.

“Their task was to receive the Forms 34A from the KIEMS Kits which were sent to their server/platform which he called “Uchaguzi Tallying” having the pseudonym “Uchaguzi 2022.” After receiving the said data, they would edit the necessary form 34A’s according to the instructions given to them by their leaders and thereafter upload the said edited Form 34A’s to the IEBC portal.

“The team was indoctrinated on the phrase “freedom is coming” and that they needed to be freed from dynasties; whereby the dynasties included the Petitioner,” read the affidavit in part.

The affidavit also showed that the team was under instructions to ensure that that votes were increased in favor of one of the contenders in his strongholds to shore up his numbers in areas where there was a low voter turnout.

He explained that on August 18, he was introduced to a young man by a colleague at Batian Hotel Suites located along Argwengs Kodhek Road in Nairobi who said he had “a matter of national importance he wished to discuss.”

Githongo stated that the young man who was “visibly tense and terrified” revealed the truth about how the 9th respondent won the polls and explained how it was done.

He added that the team’s ICT experts had access to IEBC’s back-end servers, which were working in tandem with Smartmatic, the company that won the tender to provide technology for the polls. The interface dubbed “Uchaguzi 2022” was created to receive data directly from the KIEMS Kits before the same could thereafter be sent to the IEBC server.

The younger man further stated that the form 34A’s from the different KIEMS Kits would be transmitted to the “Uchaguzi 2022” server where they would have access to the said forms and in turn edit the said forms to conform to the numbers as instructed by their superiors.

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