Popular comedian Timothy Kimani popularly known by his stage name Njugush has found himself in an online squabble with local tours company Bonfire Adventures.

Njugush on Thursday shared a video of his tour in the Masai Mara where he was accompanied by his wife Wakavinye, son Tugi, and the family of fellow content creator Abel Mutua.

The tour was sponsored by Bountiful Safaris who are in the same business as Bonfire Adventures.

As part of the adventure, Njugush’s video featured a tour van getting stuck in the rough terrain of the Masai Mara National Park, and coincidentally, the vehicle belonged to Bonfire Adventures and was rescued by Njugush’s team and the crew from Bountiful Safaris.

Njugush uploaded the video on social media.

Bonfire reported Njugush to the Instagram team and had the post pulled down for copyright infringement.

The instagram account that has over 1.6m followers is at risk.

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